President John F. Kennedy is Assassinated

President John F. Kennedy is Assassinated

The shooting of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, that occurred on 22 November 1963, was a watershed moment of modern history that remains fresh in the minds of many of the older generation that are alive today.

The event also spawned innumerable conspiracy theories that continue to propagate, magnified and aided by social media and post analysis that makes much of the original material publicly available.

The timeline, as recorded from official sources, shows the pathway to tragedy.

At 11.30 am on 22 November 1963 President John Kennedy and the First Lady, his wife Jacqueline, disembark from Air Force One at Love Field, in Dallas, Texas. They are to join a motorcade in an open Lincoln Continental limousine through the city streets.

At noon the motorcade passes through downtown Dallas, greeted by large crowds of cheering citizens.

Then at 12.30 pm, without warning, the President pitches forward in his car seat as he is shot in the back. A short time later a second shot hits the President in the head, killing him instantly.

At around 12.32 pm the Lincoln accelerates away from the area, taking the President to Parkland Hospital where he is given the last rites.

The President’s death is announced at 1.33 pm to a disbelieving public and the news travels like wildfire around the world.

The hearse carrying the President’s body arrives back at Air Force One at 2.20 pm, accompanied by the First Lady. Vice President Lyndon B Johnson is sworn in as the new President of the United States while standing aboard Air Force One.

At 11.28 pm disaffected ex Marine, Lee Harvey Oswald, is charged with the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

In the time interval of only 12 hours, the course of American history was changed forever, and a stunned international community struggled to come to grips with the terrible events of the day.


Image: Photograph of President Kennedy and the first Lady, Jacqueline, riding in the back of the Lincoln Continental, only minutes before the first shot rang out, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.